Flamingo's Trip Reports

Ahoy, my trailname is Flamingo.
Here are links to my favorite trip reports from the Sierra Nevada.
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Favorite Routes:

Three Passes High Route

Ansel Adams Wilderness & Yosemite National Park

A mostly off-trail high route connecting the headwaters of the San Joaquin, Merced, and Tuolumne Rivers. It links North Glacier Pass, Blue Lake Pass, and Parsons Peak, along with four other minor passes -- June 2021.

Red, White, and Blue Loop

John Muir Wilderness

A mostly off-trail circumnavigation of Red & White Mountain, including a section of Roper's SHR. Along the way, we climbed Red Slate Mountain and linked McGee Pass, Shout-of-Relief Pass, Bighorn Pass, and Hopkins Pass -- July 2020.

Big Brewer Loop

SEKI National Park

A mostly off-trail circuit over Sphinx Col and Longley Pass. Along the way I climbed Mount Brewer's south face -- September 2018

Along the Monarch Crest

SEKI National Park

My favorite section of Roper's Sierra High Route, from Kanawyers to Lakes Basin. I connected this -- August 2020.

Scimitar-Jigsaw Loop

SEKI National Park

A 6-day circumnavigation of the Palisades, linking two challengning high passes: Scimitar and Jigsaw. Along the way, we enjoyed an extended picnic in LeConte Canyon -- June 2012.

Koip-to-Kuna Circuit

Yosemite National Park

Starting at Mono Pass, we linked five passes: Parker, Koip, Gem, Donohue, and Kuna Pass -- August 2013.

Alta-Pear Loop

SEKI National Park

A mostly off-trail circumnavigation of Alta Peak. Along the way we visited Moose Lake and the Tablelands -- May 2013.

Great Mono Loop

John Muir Wilderness

A tour through the Mono Recesses, including a section of Roper's SHR. Along the way, I connected four passes: Italy Pass, Gabbot Pass, Mono Pass, and Morgan Pass -- July 2016.

Other Routes & Trip Reports

Continental Divide Trail 2015

Rocky Mountains

A trip of a lifetime. 122 days and ~3000 miles from Canada to Mexico -- 2015

Big Sam Loop

Emigrant Wilderness

A loop from Kennedy Meadows over Brown Bear Pass and meadows of the High Emigrant meadows. We climbed Big Sam Peak and then descended along Kennedy Creek -- June 2013

Split Mountain & Arrow Peak

SEKI National Park

I enjoyed an excellent week of peak-bagging around the headwaters of the South Fork Kings River. My favorites were Split Mountain and Arrow Peak. Along the way, I rendezvoused with friends from High Sierra Topix for our annual meetup -- July 2017.

Iva Bell Hot Springs, the Long Way

John Muir Wilderness

We followed a long-abandoned network of trails and routes to reach the hot springs from the west side of the mountain range. It turned into more of an adventure that we expected. -- June 2011.

Phipps Peak Loop

Desolation Wilderness

A quickie loop over Phipps Pass, up Phipps Peak, and return via the Lake Genevieve Trail -- June 2021

Solstice at Twin Island Lake

Desolation Wilderness

A quick overnight trip to Twin Island Lake for excellent night sky photography -- June 2020

Rae Lakes Loop, Again

SEKI National Park

I challenged myself to complete this popular loop in just 2 days -- May 2013

Goat Mountain

SEKI National Park

An overnight trip to bag Goat Mountain -- August 2018

Relief Peak & Beyond

Emigrant Wilderness

The smoke cleared (sort of), so I climbed lots of loose scree to arrive at a great vista -- Sept 2020

Clouds Rest, after the Burn

Yosemite National Park

Another visit to one of my favorite Sierra peaks. A forest fire ripped through the area only months prior, destroying some of my favorite spots along the Merced River -- April 2015

Woods Creek, Early Season

SEKI National Park

An early season trip to check-out snowmelt conditions. It was exciting to see this area of the park, normally crowded, with a deeper sense of solitude -- May 2014

Mount Hutchings & Beyond

SEKI National Park

Another trip up Copper Canyon to summit Hutchings. Outstanding vistas over Kings Canyon -- June 2014.

Meiss Meadow

Carson National Forest

An easy early-season trip to checkout snow levels in a classic alpine meadow -- June 2015

Bubbs to Vidette

SEKI National Park

A brief wilderness retreat into a canyon that normally sees lots of traffic in summer, but is wild and desolate in the early season -- April 2016

Alta Meadow

SEKI National Park

A snowy trek to a favorite alpine meadow -- May 2016

Castle Peak

Tahoe National Forest

A classic snowshoe hike to an iconic northern Sierra peak -- April 2017

Copper Creek, Again

SEKI National Park

Another adventure up Copper Creek Canyon, this time with snowshoes -- May 2017

Big McGee Lake

John Muir Wilderness

An late-season snowstorm thwarted my climbing plans, but it turned into a pretty nice snowshow backpacking trip -- May 2018

Mount Bago

SEKI National Park

I climbed Mount Bago as one (very long) day-hike from Onion Valley. Incredible views over Middle Fork Kings Canyon -- August 2017.

Clouds Rest, Again

Yosemite National Park

I returned to one of my favorite Sierra peaks, this time with a friend. Snow on the summit made the trip extra spicy -- April 2018.

Bubbs Creek Solitude

SEKI National Park

Challenging river crossings and snow were the price of admission to a canyon that offers wild solitude in early season -- April 2019

(c) Victor Hanson-Smith 2021.